Whether it be defined as Stoner Soul, Blues Metal, or Western Doom, Mountain Dust’s sound remains strongly rooted in the rock styles that emerged in the late 1960s/early ‘70s, even as they work toward their third full-length (expected release: 2020).
With German boutique label Kozmik Artifactz behind them, the Montreal formation have received worldwide attention and support for their previous releases, Nine Years (2016) and Seven Storms (2018), helping secure their place as regulars of the international hard rock festival circuit with appearances at the 2018 editions of Germany’s Freak Valley and Sweden’s Muskelrock during an extensive tour of Europe, and a confirmed performance at Heavy Montreal 2019.


"Five out of five Satan salutes for Mountain Dust...the music breathed, but it breathed like Godzilla...Imagine Zeppelin on their first american tour, pre-superstardom; that's the impression Mountain Dust left in their wake." 


Best Foreign Album 2018 - #12

Best Foreign Hope 2018 - #11

Best Concert 2018 - #12



August 2016 Top 25
Mountain Dust - Nine Years (2016)

September 2016 Top 25
Mountain Dust - Nine Years (2016)